5 Glamping in Kintamani Bali with Stunning Natural Landscapes

5 best glamping kintamani for staycation

5 Glamping in Kintamani with beautiful natural scenery

The Kintamani area of Bali is in the highlands and has a lot of natural attractions with great views. The cool, fresh air makes people feel at home for a long time while they are out exploring nature. You can enjoy the beauty of Kintamani, Bali, by staying at glamping, also called “glamorous camping.” In addition to a wide view, you can also get the feeling of being in a tent and being closer to nature.

1. Sunrise Hill Camp

sunrise hill camp price glamoing at kintamani, Bali
Glamping in Kintamani – Instagram/sunrisehillcamp

Sunrise Hill Camp is a great place to go camping if you want to stay in style. Your staycation will be a lot of fun because there are BBQ facilities with all the equipment you need. Even more unique, Sunrise Hill Camp is the first glamping pool in Indonesia to have natural hot springs. From here, you can swim and see a beautiful view of Kintamani.

2. Black Lava Camp

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Glamping in Kintamani – Facebook/blacklavacamp

The beautiful Mount Batur can be seen from Black Lava Camp. In fact, you can look out from your room and see the beautiful scenery. Trekking to Mount Batur is also a fun way to do exciting things. This is one of the activities that the operator offers as part of a program or package.

3. Igloo Glamping Bali

igloo glamping kintamani bali
Glamping in Kintamani – Facebook.com/iglooglampingbali

Want to camp by the lake but don’t want to do a lot of work? Well, the answer is Igloo Glamping Bali. Igloo Glamping is only 10 meters from Lake Batur and is the only glamping site that is close to it. As the name suggests, the shape of the tent is also like that of an Eskimo ice house, which is all white.

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4. Alam Caldera Glamping

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Glamping in Kintamani – Facebook/alamcaldera

The best thing about Alam Caldera Glamping is the view from up high of Lake Batur, Mount Batur, and Mount Agung. You know, this glamping spot is also the best place to watch the sunrise. The view outside the tent in the morning is like a country high above the clouds. Not only that, but Alam Caldera Glamping also has a lot of fun things to do, like yoga in the morning, jeep tours at sunset, and climbing Mount Batur.

5. Pulestis Glamping

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Glamping in Kintamani – Facebook/Pulestis

Pulestis Glamping has glamping in the form of semi-transparent bubble tents, which is pretty unique. It will feel like you are sleeping under a sea of stars. You can also stay in a glamping safari tent, which is another type of room. This room is still very different, and the inside looks very beautiful. When you stay here, you don’t want to leave because nature is so beautiful.

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