Tips for Choosing the Right Bali Airport Transfer to Canggu

how much does a taxi cost from Bali airport transfer to Canggu
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Bali airport Transfer to Canggu Hassle-Free

Bali Airport Transfer to Canggu – Do you have planning a vacation to Bali and staying in Canggu, you will definitely need transportation from the Ngurah Rai airport to your accommodation safely. There are four transportation options that you can choose to get to the Canggu area from the airport, but the right choice will give you a safe and comfortable journey.

Here are some of the best ways to get to Canggu from the airport.

1. Private Car Service

If you want to be more flexible and free to explore Bali, you can consider hiring airport transfers in Bali with a private car. However, keep in mind that the traffic in Bali can be quite heavy and a bit difficult for drivers who are not used to it. Make sure to have a booking before the arrival date, your friendly personal driver will be waiting at the arrival halls paging a sign.

2. Airport Taxi

One of the most common transportation options is an airport taxi. Airport taxis can usually be easily found at the airport and are available around the clock. Although more expensive than other options, airport taxis can provide you with a fast and comfortable journey directly to your destination. Make sure to use an official taxi registered at the airport to avoid any trouble.

3. Shuttle bus

For a more economical transportation option, shuttle buses can be a good choice. Shuttle buses usually operate on a fixed schedule and connect the airport with several tourist destinations, including Canggu. Shuttle buses are usually cheaper than airport taxis and can also give you a more local experience when you travel.

4. Online Transportation

Another option that is becoming increasingly popular in Bali is online transportation such as Gojek and Grab. You can order transportation online through an application on your cellphone. Online transportation is usually cheaper than airport taxis and also gives you flexibility in choosing the type of transportation you need.

Of the four options, make sure to choose the right transportation option according to your needs and the budget you have. Always make sure to choose safe and reliable transportation options to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable trip to Canggu.

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