Bali Night Safari, a Fun Experience for Family

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Bali Night Safari Journey

Are you planning to spend your holiday in Bali? Finding new places and activities during your holiday trip is important. In case of choosing the best one, you might want to try joining the Bali night safari. Most safari trips are held in the afternoon. However, you can experience new things once you choose to get to this activity.

Night safari has been popular in many countries. In Bali Safari, you can try this unique safari trip with your family. Bringing children is also fun! You’ll also get free entrance for kids under 3 years old. If you are to bring along family or relatives in a wheelchair, you can be sure it’s safe and fun!

If you hear about night safari, you might see how it is good and fun. You’ll experience an exciting stroll to see the tigers, zebras, and others. Plus, you’ll find some packages to be fun as it has some other activities. Ready to join us?

Things Included in Bali Night Safari Price

Joining the night safari is fun, as you might experience something new. However, you need to know what things to prepare before you join them. So, what are the things you’ll get when you book the night safari package? Here are some of the benefits you’ll get:

  1. The package includes the walking safari and animal encounter. Of course, you’ll get closer to the animals. It’s also fun as Bali Safari is huge, so you’ll experience a perfect stroll at night with your family. You’ll also experience a night safari journey that will be unforgettable!
  2. Welcome drinks and dinner are also available in this package. As you might want to know more about this package, you will not have to worry about being hungry after the trip. You’ll be welcomed with a refreshing drink and get your tummy full with its delicious foods. Bali night safari is indeed a fun activity to do with your loved ones!
  3. This activity also includes entertainment, as you’ll enjoy watching African Fire Dance Show. Of course, it must be a good night stroll where you can watch the show. The show is also children-friendly and safe to ensure your satisfaction!

Deciding on joining the night safari is good for you and your loved ones. In this activity, you’ll get many benefits and new experiences. Besides, you’ll also find new fun things to enjoy. Bali Safari entrance ticket sale is available on some platforms.

Things to Note during the Trip

Bali night safari journey for couple and family price from $37
Bali Night Safari Price from $37 – Photo by Bali Safari Park

As the safari trip will be happening at night, you need to take note of the time. Make sure you come on time to follow the schedule. You’ll also need to follow the safety standards of the safari team. As the trip will bring you in a special-designed cage, you need to keep your safety. The safari trip will bring you to the animals’ habitat, see them close, and even feed some of them. You will also get to taste delicious foods as your dinner. Of course, it will be one of the most unforgettable holiday trips you can experience while you’re in Bali. Are you ready to join us on the Bali night safari?

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