Best Bali Airport Transfer Service for Solo, Couple & Family

best bali airport transfer service for solo, couple and families

Best Bali Airport Transfer to Your Hotel Comfort & Safely

Bali is one of the islands in Indonesia which has the most popular tourist destinations for various tourists,
both local tourists, and international tourists. Usually, the tourists before going on the tour will go to the
inn first. To be able to get to the inn one needs a Bali airport transfer service that will take tourists to the
inn first.

The Advantages of Using The Bali Airport Transfer Service

At first, in Bali, there were only tour packages provided, but due to a large number of requests, currently,
there are also many services for airport pick-up. By using this service, we will get several benefits that can
make it easier for us. There are several advantages that we can get from using the best Bali airport transfer
services, including:

1. Provide convenience to customers

We will get comfort from using the best airport transfer service in Bali. We will be picked up using a
private car along with a friendly driver, making our trip to Bali comfortable and happy.

2. The transaction method is quite easy

In addition to feeling safe and comfortable, another advantage is that it will be easy for us to transact, the
method is quite easy, that is, just by sending the flight number, the driver will take us to the inn that we
are going to safely. In addition, we do not need to wait, because usually, the driver will be on standby
waiting for our flight schedule.

3. Affordable price

Another plus is that we will get affordable prices for services that have good facilities, such as full AC and
drivers are professional and experienced. So that we can enjoy this service optimally.

the best bali airport pickup service for tourist holiday to Bali
Best Bali Airport Transfer Service

Price for Bali Airport Transfer Service

One of the advantages of using this shuttle service is that the price is very cheap for an amazing and
impressive service. The prices for shuttle services at Bali airports are:

  1. Shuttle service from Ngurah Rai airport to Kuta, Jimbaran, Legian, and Tuban

The price from the airport to Kuta, Jimbaran, Legian, and Tuban, where the destination areas are almost
the same distance, takes about 20 to 30 minutes. The price we need to spend depends on the type of car
and the number of passengers, the prices are:
• For 1 to 5 people will be charged from Rp. 95,000 per car
• For 6 to 10 people we need to pay from Rp.450,000 per Van
• For 10 to 16 people we need to pay from Rp. 850.000 per Bus

  • Shuttle service from Ngurah Rai Airport to Nusa Dua, Seminyak, and Sanur

For prices to Nusa Dua, Seminyak, and Sanur, the cost of a car for a quota of 1 to 5 people is Rp.
175,000. for a car with more capacity is priced at the same price as the previous pull.

Are you interested in using the best Bali airport transfer services? We will certainly get various interesting
experiences by using this service. Hopefully, this article can be useful for readers, especially for tourists
who need shuttle services from the terminal to the inn or tourist location. Happy holidays with your loved

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