Must Try! Snorkeling in the Blue Lagoon, Padangbai

blue lagoon beach padangbai bali indonesia

Blue Lagoon Secret Beach near Padangbai Harbor

Blue Lagoon Padangbai – If you’re seeking a private beach with crystal clear water and soft white sand, look no further than this hidden gem on the other side of Padang Bai port. Simply put, you can see right through the sea at Blue Lagoon Beach. The fact that this beach is still relatively undiscovered by mass tourism is an added bonus.

Padangbai Harbor is not far from Blue Lagoon. The warm water and rich marine life have earned this location its reputation as an underwater paradise. A UV fish with a glowing spark, schools of blackfish with tails shaped like the heads of wrenches, a fish that looks like leopard skin, and if you look closely, a creature cleverly disguised and hiding in the cracks of the coral reefs: these are just some of the things you might see. There are coral gardens along the shoreline where you may go snorkeling and see all kinds of colorful fish.

Snorkeling is highly recommended, beautiful coral reefs may be seen directly from the beach. The ideal entry point is through a coral canal on the extreme left side of the reef. The snorkeling at Blue Lagoon and White Sand Beach is superior to what the bay has to offer.

Water sports such as swimming, snorkeling, fishing, and scuba diving are all possible at this beach. Blue, clean water washes across the white beach, and guests can relax in the gentle waves. It doesn’t take too much effort to get to this beach, making it a more appealing tourist destination than Bias Tugel. The only place to eat and drink while taking in the stunning scenery and soothing ambiance of Blue Lagoon Beach is at the restaurant appropriately named “Warung Blue Lagoon,” which is immediately visible upon arrival.

blue lagoon secret beach padangbai
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