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fast boat from Bali to Gili Islands
One of the best fast boat from Bali to Gili Islands

Fast boat from Bali to Gili Islands – Do you want to get away from your busy life and relax in a warm place? The beautiful Gili Islands, which are just off the coast of Bali, are the only place you need to go. But how can you get there quickly and easily? The answer is easy: book a fast boat from Bali to Gili. This blog post will tell you everything you need to know about how to get to these paradise islands by fast boat, including when to go and how to get there.

Get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in one of the most beautiful places in Indonesia!

fast boat from Bali to Gili Islands
Eka Jaya Ferries – Largest fast boat from Bali to Gili Islands

Fast Boat from Bali to Gili Islands

Taking a fast boat from Bali to Gili is the easiest and fastest way to get to these beautiful islands. Several companies offer this service, but their prices and times of departure change throughout the day. It’s important to do your research ahead of time and choose a company with a good reputation and good reviews.

The trip usually takes between 1 and 2 hours, depending on the weather and which port in Bali you leave from. Most fast boats will take you straight to Gili Trawangan, but some will also stop at Gili Air or Gili Meno on the way.

Even though it might be tempting to go with a cheaper choice, it’s better to spend your money on a trustworthy company that puts safety and comfort first. Look for boats with comfortable seats, enough life jackets for everyone on board, and a team with a lot of experience.

It’s also important to know that during the busy months of July and August, it’s best to book in advance because places can fill up quickly. But if you visit outside of the busy season (November through March), you may have more options and flexibility when it comes to planning your trip.

Taking a fast boat from Bali to Gili Islands is a quick way to get to these beautiful islands without having to give up safety or comfort. So relax, sit back, and enjoy the ride!

When to go to the Gili Islands

The Gili Islands are a group of three small islands in Indonesia. They are off the northwest coast of Lombok and are known for their clear seas, white sand beaches, and colorful coral reefs. It’s important to plan your trip to these islands for the right time of year if you want to have the best time there.

The Gili Islands are most popular with tourists from July to August and from December to January. Due to high demand, prices for places to stay and ways to get around can be higher than normal during this time. But if you want a busy place with lots of things to do, like beach parties and water sports, these months are the best time to go.

If you want to avoid crowds and save money on travel costs, you might want to go somewhere between February and June, when there are fewer tourists. Also, the weather is better during this time, with more warm days and less rain.

It’s important to know that the monsoon season lasts from November to March. Rough seas can make boat movements hard or even impossible at times during this time. So, you should check the weather report before making plans for your trip.

No matter when you go to the Gili Islands, you’ll always find something special, whether it’s quiet beaches or lively nightlife.

How to Get There

It’s pretty easy to get to the Gili Islands, especially if you book a fast boat from Bali. There are a few groups that do this, and the trip takes about two to three hours. Serangan Harbor, Padang Bai Harbor, and Benoa Harbor are some of the most famous places to leave from in Bali.

You can also take a public ship or private speedboat from Bangsal harbor to any of the three Gili Islands if you are already in Lombok or want to see more of it before going to the Gili Islands.

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