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How Much Does a Ferry Ticket Price to Gili Island
Get your Ferry Ticket Price to Gili Island from Bali

Holiday to Gili Island from Bali Stress Free, Comfortable & Safety!

Are you going on vacation to the Gili Islands? If so, this article is the information you must read about how to go to the Gilis from Bali safely, effectively and cheaply as follows.

How to Get Gili Island from Bali Safely?

The first thing you need to prepare is to buy a fast boat ticket to Gili online, get a cheap and fair price with a free 24-hour cancellation service.

Second, fast boat tickets are usually offered with a free shuttle service, but if you want a special service with a private car, please order a private car transport service. This service allows you to be safe and without having to travel around to arrive at the port or to your hotel.

Third, book hotels with attractive prices and promos through online travel agents. The following are some of the hotels and homestays that you can choose from.

How Much Does a Ferry Ticket Price to Gili Island?

Ticket fast boat to GIli Island from Bali the price are based on operator, below are the list of operator Ferries to Gili Island daily you can choose.

Ferries OperatorRoutePrice
D’Prabu Fast BoatPadang Bai – Gili TrawanganRp 290.000
Eka Jaya Fast BoatPadang Bai – Gili TrawanganRp 375.000
Ostina Fast BoatPadang Bai – Gili TrawanganRp 310.000
Semaya OnePadang Bai – Gili TrawanganRp 299.000
Ferry Ticket Price to Gili Island -The price are subject to change without prior notice

How long does it take to get Gili Trawangan from Padang Bai port?

It takes roughly 3 hours to get from Padang Bai to Gili Trawangan.


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