How to Buy a SIM Card in Bali

where to buy sim card in Bali airport cheap price
How Do I Get a SIM Card in Bali?

Buy a Sim Card in Bali, Quick & Painless!

Every year 4 million tourists visit Bali for holidays, on average they spend 4 to 1 week and choose 2-3 hotels and villas of the different locations to stay and enjoy a typical Balinese holiday atmosphere.

In addition to enjoying the beautiful nature of Bali of course you also need an internet package to connect with family in your home country and share vacation photos on social media. The best advice to reduce subscription costs is to use a data package from a local Indonesian Internet service provider (buy a sim card in Bali).

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Where to Buy a SIM Card in Bali Airport

Buy Indonesian Prepaid SIM cards in Bali give you more freedom, if you don’t expect to use mobile phones much, then buying a pre-paid SIM card package can be a cheaper and easier option.

Getting a SIM card in Bali is quick and painless. You can buy one online or in a mobile phone shop near your accommodation. But, the best option is to buy a SIM card in Bali should you order it online before landing in Bali. The experienced staff will be waiting for you at the airport and assist you to activate the SIM Card. Please be sure your smartphone is factory unlocked to work properly with an Indonesian SIM card.

Once you have an Indonesian prepaid SIM card on your phone, the top-up is simple. You can go to a phone shop or at most convenience stores such as Indomaret, Alfamart, or Circle K is open 24hours.

where to buy a sim card in Bali airport online
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Best Indonesian Prepaid SIM Cards Package

Buy a SIM card in Bali you will get several choices of cellular operators. The following is a list of the best operators in terms of network services and package prices for your convenience to surf the internet without having to be expensive

  • 12GB Data by 3 Hutchison
  • 26GB Data by 3 Hutchison
  • 45GB Data by 3 Hutchison
  • 28GB Data by XL
  • 50GB Data by XL
  • 66GB Data by XL
  • 9GB Data by Smartfren
  • 21GB Data by Smartfren
  • 36GB Data by Smartfren
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