Lempuyang Temple Tour, East of Bali from US$ 12.95

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Lempuyang Temple Tour to Reach Gates of Heaven, Bali

The Gates of Heaven, or Pura Lempuyang, in Karangasem, Bali, lure guests with their ethereal beauty and spiritual attraction. At 1,100 meters, this ancient Hindu temple offers an insight into Balinese culture and a stunning view of the surrounding environment.

A Door to Divine Beauty

The Pura Penataran Agung Lempuyang, a grand stairway with exquisite carvings and beautiful gates, is the temple’s most famous feature. The Gates of Heaven symbolize the transition from earth to heaven.

A tourist’s dream

The stairway offers a view of Bali’s sacred volcano, Mount Agung. Its towering peak against a cerulean sky makes a postcard-perfect scene on clear days.

Explore the sacred grounds.

Beyond the Gates of Heaven, Pura Lempuyang’s vast grounds provide several exploration opportunities. Explore the tranquil courtyards with traditional Balinese architecture and vivid Hindu deity statues.

Culture Immersion

See the faithful Balinese pilgrims pray and burn incense to the gods daily. Relax in the temple’s peaceful setting amidst the island’s hustle.

The Lasting Legacy of Lempuyang

Pura Lempuyang’s significance goes beyond appearance. It is believed to possess immense spiritual power, making it one of Bali’s holiest places. The temple’s name, derived from “lempu,” meaning “light,” and “hyang,” meaning “god,” depicts its significance as a spiritual beacon.

A Travel Guide

  • Reaching the Gates of Heaven: Pura Lempuyang lies 75 kilometers east of Bali’s capital, Denpasar. Car travel takes two hours.
  • Enjoying the experience: Dress modestly and politely at the temple. Take off your shoes before visiting the hallowed grounds.
  • Timing: Visit the temple in the morning or afternoon to avoid crowds and enjoy its tranquility.
  • Protecting the Sanctuary: Avoid loud conversations and disruptions in the temple.

With its breathtaking Gates of Heaven, Pura Lempuyang showcases Bali’s cultural and spiritual richness. As you walk the sacred stairway, let the scenery and calm wash over you, leaving an indelible impact on your soul.

How much does the Lempuyang Temple Tour cost?

The cost structure for Lempuyang Temple Tour Gates of Heaven Bali is as below, more participants, the cheaper.


Here, you can buy tickets and enjoy the facilities offered. The facilities you get include restaurants, toilets, ATMs, and a large parking lot.

You can get the best photo spots you will ever find. As if in front of gate heaven, your photos will steal the public’s attention.

Lempuyang Gates of Heaven Tickets

To enjoy this tour, you can buy a ticket. From this ticket, you can directly enter Lempuyang Temple and enjoy the beautiful view of Mount Agung.

The following is a selection of Lempuyang Gate of Heaven tour tickets:

  • Lempuyang Group Tour

These tickets are available starting from Rp. 200,000. You can join a group to enjoy this tour. You can make a reservation at least 2 days before arrival.

  • Lempuyang Private Tour

For those of you who want to enjoy a private tour, you can buy a ticket for Rp. 350,000 and accompanied by a professional tour guide. This ticket does not require a reservation. 

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Photo by Stijn Dijkstra – Lempuyang Gates of Heaven, Bali

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