Take a Taxi from Padangbai Harbor to Canggu: Fast, Comfortable, No Hassle!

padangbai harbour to canggu transport service
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A Reliable Taxi from Padangbai Harbour to Canggu

For travelers who have just arrived at Padangbai Harbour and intend to head straight to Canggu, taxi can be an ideal transportation option. Rather than being confused by buses or other options, taxis offer:

Speed and Convenience: Direct travel from the port to Canggu without the need to transit or wait for other vehicles. Travel time is about 45-60 minutes depending on traffic conditions.

  • Comfort: Enjoy soft seats, cool air conditioning, and spacious luggage for all your belongings.
  • Stress-Free: Take the hassle out of navigation and hustle and bustle. Experienced taxi drivers will take you to your destination safely.

How much is the Padangbai-Canggu taxi fare?

The taxi fare range from Padangbai Harbour to Canggu varies depending on the type of car, negotiation with the driver, and current conditions. To give you an idea:

  • Private Car: Around Rp400,000 – Rp500,000 per car without any other participant
  • Online taxi: Grab or Gojek are not allowed to pick-up at Padangbai Harbour areas
  • Rental taxi: If traveling in a group, renting a car can be more cost-effective. Negotiated prices are usually around Rp500,000 – Rp600,000 per car.
padangbai harbour to canggu routes
Routes from Padangbai Harbour to Canggu

Tips to avoid getting ripped off:

  • Haggling: In Padangbai, haggling for public taxi prices is very common. Do it politely and make sure to reach an agreement before leaving.
  • Don’t be tempted by touts: Avoid touts who offer taxis at exorbitant prices. Go to the port official or use an online taxi app.
  • Consult before departure: Ask for a fare estimate and make sure the driver knows the location of your destination in Canggu. Get Quotes

Alternative Transportation:

Besides taxis, other options are available from Padangbai Harbour to Canggu:

Bus: A budget option with fares of around Rp50,000 – Rp70,000. However, travel time is longer and you need to transit at the terminal.
Scooter: Fun but requires motorcycle riding skills in Bali. Motorbike rentals are available around the harbor.

Taking a taxi from Padangbai Harbour to Canggu offers comfort and speed, perfect for travelers who prioritize practicality and do not want to be complicated. Take note of the tips above to make your trip smooth and enjoyable!

That’s all the information about taking a taxi from Padangbai Harbor to Canggu. Hope you find it useful and have a safe trip!

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