How to Buy Waterbom Bali Tickets Online

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waterbom bali tickets price online promo from $13
Waterbom Bali Tickets Online Promo from $13

Waterbom Bali Entry Ticket Price

Bali has many interesting and popular tourist attractions. Apart from its beautiful beaches, Bali also offers other water attractions that are no less interesting.

You can enjoy Bali Waterbom with a variety of fun rides. Waterbom Bali tickets are also relatively cheap, especially for foreign tourists who can get family prices. Not only that, there is often a Waterbom Bali promo available which occurs occasionally during holidays.

This place is never empty of visitors. Even many domestic tourists spend time on this water ride. Here you can find the biggest waterbomb in Bali that you can try with the kids.

how much waterbom bali entrance ticket prices
Image by Klook – Waterbom River Lazy River

Bali Waterbom Facilities

There are several facilities offered by Waterbom Bali, here is a list:

  • Wifi
  • Wheelchair access
  • Toilet
  • ATM
  • Restaurant
  • Children’s room
  • Dressing room
  • Praying room

Every facility offered can be used for free. When you buy an entrance ticket, you can enjoy the rides inside without paying an additional fee.

Of course, this will add to your children’s fun stories while in Bali. Each swimming pool is supervised by a team of professionals.

Each swimming pool is equipped with safety equipment to ensure everyone swims safely and comfortably.

How Much Entrance Ticket Waterbom Bali?

The following is a list of ticket prices that you can buy:

  • Single Day Pass (Domestic)

For Indonesian residents, you can get ticket prices starting from Rp. 266,100.

  • High Season Single Day Pass (international)

This ticket is only for foreign tourists. The ticket price starts from Rp. 347,000

  • High Season Family Day Pass (Domestic)

For those of you who visit with family, you can buy Waterbom Bali tickets for Rp. 1,019,300 for one family.

  • High Season Family Day pass (international)

You can buy this ticket specifically for foreign tourists for Rp. 1,524,500.

Each ticket must be reserved in advance. So make sure you have prepared the right vacation time. Because this ticket cannot be refunded or can be refunded with certain conditions.


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